Three Mile Island 25 Mile Radius Fallout Map

Radiation Plume RatingThe center of this Toxic Plume is located approximately 12 miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This plume is produced by 1 reactor located at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant site. The reactor that produces this plume has 786 Mega Watts of radiation generating power. There is a total of 582 tons of Highly Toxic Radioactive spent fuel stored at this Nuclear Power Plant. This is the most infamous Radiation Producing Plant location in America. The partial meltdown and contamination of the surrounding area was successfully covered up by the government and the company poisoning the neighborhood. The company settled out of court, it was the falsification of safety info that led to this disaster. But of course those in control want you to believe you can sprinkle radiation on your cereal. The slow poisoning of American communities is starting to produce results, with higher incidents of cancer and other diseases showing up around nuclear power plants.

Three Mile Island 25 Mile Radius Fallout Plume Map