Peach Bottom 25 Mile Radius Fallout Map

Radiation Plume RatingThe center of this Toxic Plume is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This plume is produced by 2 reactors located at the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant site. The reactors that produce this plume have 2,224 Mega Watts of radiation generating power. There is a total of 1,655 tons of Highly Toxic Radioactive spent fuel stored at this Nuclear Power Plant. More Radioactive Water for your children, how can these Nuclear Power Plants make money if they all leak Radioactive Tritium into the ground and release it into the air for free? The NRC has also determined that a long term blackout of electricity in the area of Peach Bottom Nuclear would cause the Leak of Radiation into the surrounding community. Both of the reactors at this Peach Bottom are less than 4 years from exceeding their planned 40 year safe operating limit.

Peach Bottom 25 Mile Radius Fallout Plume Map