Farley 25 Mile Radius Fallout Map

Radiation Plume RatingThe center of this Toxic Plume is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Donalsonville, Georgia. This plume is produced by 2 reactors located at the Farley Nuclear Power Plant site. The reactors that produce this plume have 1,711 Mega Watts of radiation generating power. There is a total of 1,094 tons of Highly Toxic Radioactive spent fuel stored at this Nuclear Power Plant. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission found that Farley Nuclear Plant staff where aware of a potential safety problem with a cooling system but failed to correct it for months. Plant workers found a valve problem in April of 2006, but they failed to repair the valve nine months later. The valve is an important part of the system to remove built up heat form the Unit 2 reactor.

Farley 25 Mile Radius Fallout Plume Map